Niloufar Gorman, L.Ac., Ph.D.

The renowned innovator behind “acupuncture facial rejuvination,” Dr. Niloufar Gorman has rescued thousands of clients from painful, risky and expensive traditional facelift procedures.


Believing that the real potential of acupuncture–a 5,000 year old healing method–had yet to be discovered, Dr. Gorman began testing a variety of techniques while working as an acupuncturist. Clients were thrilled to discover that her innovative treatments were delivering facelift-like results. In 2004, Dr. Gorman created the Biovisage Clinic in Los Angeles to specifically launch “acupuncture facial rejuvenation,” the non-surgical facelift. Biovisage quickly gained media attention as an industry leader on Telemundo, The Daily News, Los Angeles Magazine, Robb Reports and many other publications, websites and shows. Dr. Gorman has personally given more than 75,000 acupuncture treatments to her valued clients, including celebrities who value the secrecy of receiving acupuncture facial treatments without disclosing to the world their secret of perpetual youth.


Dr. Niloufar Gorman is a licensed accupuncturist in the state of Maryland and California, as well as a primary health care practitioner in the state of California. She is known as an energetic and positive person who is genuinely passionate about her work and deeply caring for her patients.


We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to share Dr. Gorman’s services with our clients.

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