Massage Therapists

Belle-Debra Beck, Registered Massage Practitioner

Belle-Debra is certified in multiple massage techniques and offers clients an array of beneficial treatments, including Swedish, hot stone, and aromatherapy massages, Reiki energy balancing, Cranio Sacral therapy, and prenatal massage. A firm believer in the comprehensive healing powers of massage, Debra says, “My philosophy is that all massage is a form of healing the body, spirit, and mind. I love to help others experience and achieve this kind of profound healing.”


Megan Bielecki, Licensed Massage Therapist

Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has been a member of the Spa in the Valley team since 2015. Megan is especially skilled in Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques. Helping clients with tension and headaches and  assisting moms to be to feel their best are among her skills. Megan focuses on creating strong professional relationships with her clients in a relaxing environment that helps them feel their best. As she says, “hearing from clients that I made a difference for them is my favorite part of what I do.”


Cindy Bloom-Turner, Esthetician & Massage Therapist

Cindy offers facials, waxing services, and makeup application and lessons, as well as a number of massage services, including hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, Indian head massage, and Mehta face massage. She joined Spa in The Valley in 2006 after training at several leading institutes, including the Aveda Institute and the London Center of Indian Champissage in London. Cindy also practices Reiki and reflexology. Both Baltimore Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings have featured Cindy’s work. Her beauty philosophy focuses on a more holistic approach. “We must take what we have and make it feel and look the best it possibly can,” she says.


Lee Clary, Registered Massage Practitioner

Lee is a Registered Massage Practitioner specializing in treatments to relieve muscle tension, manage discomfort, and relax the mind and body. Services include Swedish, deep tissue, and combination massage. Lee believes that to obtain the desired results of massage, the client must first listen to their body and express their needs to the therapist. This allows the therapist to respond to each concern with the appropriate healing technique and touch.


Chana Moreen Colley, Licensed Massage Therapist & Massage Department Manager

Chana practices massage therapy as well as Asian bodywork at Spa in The Valley. Chana’s advanced training in a wide range of techniques—including reflexology, pregnancy massage, acupressure, Ayurvedic treatments, and much more—allows her to custom tailor each session to the individual needs of the client. According to Chana, everyone can benefit in some way from bodywork. “I view my role of massage therapist as a facilitator,” says Chana, “I only hope to help restore the balance between body and mind.”


M.G. Eaton, Licensed Massage Therapist

M.G. is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been with Spa in The Valley since 2009. In addition to massage therapy services, M.G. is certified in Reiki I healing. For M.G., the benefits of massage therapy are three-fold. “Being able to provide for the health and well-being of a client’s whole self – mind, body and spirit – is my favorite part of my work,” M.G. says.


Scott Gee, Registered Massage Practitioner

Scott has been practicing massage therapy for ten years and has been with Spa in The Valley since 2002. He offers comprehensive treatments including hot stone, Swedish, aromatherapy, and herbal massage. In addition, Scott is certified in pregnancy massage and Ayurvedic treatments. Helping people to recognize their right to relaxation and healing is Scott’s goal. “You deserve to feel good,” he says, “You are worth it!”


Deenie Hale, Licensed Massage Therapist

Deenie is a Nationally Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist specializing in Swedish and Sports Massage. She has been with the Spa in The Valley since 2008. Her additional certifications included: Ayurvedic Chakra Balancing, Aveda Stress Relief Massage, Rain Drop Therapy, Fluid Reduction Massage, Reiki I, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral and Pregnancy Massage. Deenie believes that massage is about de-stressing and wellness, and focuses on building a relationship with people based on professional knowledge and trust. Her session goal for each client is to have a better quality of movement. She also works with her clients to develop a wellness plan outside of the massage session with ways in which they can continue to feel better until their next appointment.


Shoshana Kafka, Licensed Massage Therapist

Shoshana has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009. She offers a variety of different services to her clientele; her specialties include Swedish, prenatal, and aromatherapy massages. Trained under Anthony Hinkle, the owner of local Baltimore Center for Acupuncture-Bodywork-Massage, Tranquili-chi, Shoshana got her license as a massage therapist at the Baltimore School of Massage. She was welcomed into Spa in The Valley at the start of 2015 after five years of work at Massage Envy Spa. She urges clients to have open and honest communication with her and their relationship. Making people happy is Shoshana’s favorite part of the job. Her hearing impairment helps her to focus on visual and tangible issues, such as posture and breathing habits of each individual client. She hopes to provide customized suggestions and massages that allow each client to relax and let go. “Be true to yourself,” says Shoshana, believing this to be her spa and beauty philosophy.


Lauren Levin, Licensed Massage Therapist

Lauren joined the Salon by Debbie Spa team in 2013 and has been practicing massage therapy since 2000. She offers a variety of services, including Swedish massages, hot stone therapy, reflexology, and other body treatments. Throughout her practice, she has become certified in pregnancy massages and has had the opportunity to work with multiple celebrities. Lauren believes in having your own body/skin regimen and that consistency will lead to results!


Burgandy Niles, Registered Massage Practitioner

Burgandy trained at the Baltimore School of Massage and specializes in Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Burgandy joined the Spa in the Valley family in 2015. For her, creating an overall sense of well being and customizing her massages for each client’s needs is critical. “We have the ability to facilitate and promote a feeling of health and wellness through touch,” she says. “That’s one of the most important aspects of massage.”


Kelly M. Silva, Registered Massage Practitioner

Kelly is both an Registered Massage Practitioner and a Nationally Certified Body Worker & Massage Therapist. She has special certification to perform both pregnancy massage and Reiki energy therapy. In addition to these specialty treatments, Kelly offers Swedish and deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release, Chakra balancing, reflexology, and more. Kelly believes listening to the needs of the body is essential, as each treatment addresses a different need. Her belief in physical health extends beyond the Spa’s walls– she also teaches karate and is a black belt in the art!


Mary Spinoso, Licensed Massage Therapist; Reiki Master

Mary has been practicing massage with Spa in The Valley for over 10 years and offers comprehensive bodywork treatments. As an instructor of Reiki I & II herself, Mary believes continuing education is vital to maintaining an integrated healing approach. Training with numerous industry experts – such as Reiki Master Bonnie Tarantino of Healing Pathways – keeps Mary’s skills sharp. Mary is certified in Ayurvedic treatments, hot stone massage, and more. Using massage to de-stress physically and mentally is a necessity, says Mary. “Everyone needs a self-wellness strategy to stay healthy and balanced in today’s world,” she says.


Lana Trutstsi, Registered Massage Practitioner

Lana has been practicing massage therapy for three years, two of which have been with Salon by Debbie. She offers many services, including hot stone therapy, raindrop therapy, Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, pregnancy massages, and more! She loves to help her clients feel better with the various massages she offers.


Kristen Wrightson, Registered Massage Practitioner

A graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, Kristen offers a complete suite of massage services to Spa in The Valley clients. “Life is stressful and we must take care of our bodies in order to function at full capacity,” she says. “Massage plays an important role in that.” She puts a priority on listening to each client’s needs to deliver a completely customized experience for every person. “Being able to help others and hopefully put smiles on their faces is why I do this,” she says.

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